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Authentification Certificate   Cutting Edge Photography   Abstract Art
Authentification Certificate   Cutting Edge Photography   Abstract Art

About Ayesha

Ayesha's work has evolved through the shifting parameters of photography. She entered the world of photography in the black & white era, as Business India's first photographer. This genre became a fundamental part of her perception, and impacted her future work. She then moved on to the glitzy world of advertising photography of the 80s and 90s, along with its drama of black & white photography, as well as the 'in your face' element of vivid colour.

Making a foray into the photo book genre, Ayesha has produced six books to date, including Stree: Woman of India, Beyond Bombay Balconies and Under the Sun: Business as Usual, which focus on diverse and socially relevant topics.

Currently she has created a body of photo-artworks. The theme is 'integration' as two or more of her images have been melded together to produce cutting edge abstract compositions. The computer is used as a crayon or a watercolour wash, or to create vibrant symmetry, enhancing textures and layering in the colours. The artworks have their own specific identities and fall into broad categories, but still resonate in the spirit of integration.

Concept Note

The theme of this body of work is 'Integration'. Two or more of my existing photographs meld seamlessly, to reincarnate into an entirely different abstract image. These compositions capture the unpredictable aspect of the abstract genre, where colour, form, textures and layers impulsively engage.

The correlation between integration and the abstract, leads to an ambiguous space, where it permeates and creates a fluid dialect, reinventing itself like a work in progress - and is open to interpretation. Its spontaneous character transcends its many facets, assimilating diverse dimensions and morphing into a new narrative. The layering and texturing of the colours is a crucial part of the process; where the computer becomes the artist, and creates watercolours or oil paintings, pastels or acrylics, that reflect the unique personality of each image.

This series of images titled 'Integration' was born when the world order as we knew it took huge steps backwards, and division and discrimination was being whipped up - creating and spreading turmoil. Being of a different colour, race or religion became a reason for segregation, instead of generating understanding and unity, and discovering the power of its oneness. These dangerous and divisive trends have had a strong and contrary effect on my work, which became a metaphor, as if in solidarity of integration. Images that were originally taken for a specific purpose are now reinvented with a new identity and an alternate narrative.

Happy Collectors

Meena Deshpande, Bombay

Integration 11 - I chose this art work because it gives me an immediate sense of calm and peace ... the colours are so soothing, and they blend into each other effortlessly. On observing it further, my imagination takes over and I start finding shapes and forms and patterns. There are different interpretations every time, so I'm never bored!

Regula Enderle, Switzerland

"From the first time I looked at it, I was immediately drawn to the intense colours of Ayesha's work. In my eyes the infusion of colour exudes the lively spirit of India. A connection I saw further portrayed by the photo of the Indian sandals delicately woven into the image. The technique of combining two images into one, leads you to discover new stories everytime you look at the piece."

Selma Kriegner, Austria

“The two art works we bought are very interesting and different in many ways. They are neither photos nor paintings. It looks like a painting, but on closer viewing, a photograph behind it. The motive is not visible at first sight, but looking closely I was drawn to the face of a woman and the color composition. One in orange tone and the other in blue. Both are hanging in prominent places in our house and our visitors like them, too!”

Vaishali Banerjee

Platinum Guild International
Managing Director

Ayesha’s theme of integration drew me in. To me, the portrait is one of inclusion and fusion that allows me to create a beautiful new story. It’s a concept that is so relevant in world we live in today. It’s bold, beautiful and hopeful.

Shailesh Rege

HDFC Limited
Senior Manager

Ayesha’s work reveals her stance towards the current events that are shaping our world and changing it – often not in the most desirable way. The work demands a constant attentiveness to detail and each time it seems to provoke and make you interact with them. The skilled used of digital media with photos makes this a very intriguing body of work and am lucky enough to get my hands on one of her works.

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